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Professionally applying fiber protector


Fiber ProTector™

SurfClean Offers
Premium Protector
Fiber and Fabric Protection
for Fine Rugs and Furniture Upholstery

Fiber ProTector™ is the most advanced fiber protector available. It is designed to prevent stains from accidental spills, to provide protection from UV light, to reduce static electricity, and to help inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

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The Finest Fiber Protector Available
for Your Best Rugs and Furniture Upholstery

Applied professionally and carefully
by specialist Victor Dominguez —
Owner, SurfClean, LLC.

Protecting a couch from liquid spills

Protect Your Home's Textiles to keep them Looking and Performing at their Best

Fiber ProTector® is a world-class, premium product — created in Norway in 1995, and then introduced to the United States over 15 years ago.

It is the best protector available in the world today at providing a barrier against accidental spills — allowing easier stain prevention and spill release.

SurfClean has been trained and partnering with Fiber ProTector® to bring you the finest available protector of textiles.

Fiber ProTector is completely transparent, and it causes no visible or tactile changes to your beautiful textiles.

Compared to popular chemical and silicone-based protectors Fiber ProTector® performed the best according to independent lab studies.

It's also the only protector with the EnviroSeal Certification from WoolSafe.

We are fully educated and trained with the solutions and equipment to ensure maximum safety and protection results. When applied professionally, protector works safely and effectively. We absolutely recommend it for all new rugs and furniture and periodically after professional cleanings. We groom the protector carefully into the fabric with even coats for the best possible results.

Fabric Protector

SurfClean advises having your furniture, rugs, and carpeting treated with fabric protection to help prevent staining and soiling from accidental spills. A high-quality protector that is professionally applied will prolong the life of the investment you've made in your home's interior fabric textiles.


Fiber ProTector® was originally designed to be used in the high-end cabins and public areas of luxury European cruise ships. It was specifically formulated to stand up to the rigorous, high-traffic environments, to keep the cabins clean and healthy for quick turn-around in ports.

luxury cruise ship

The Benefits of Protector

  • Coats individual fibers through nanotechnology — shielding it against liquid spills for easy clean up
  • Helps with dusting and vacuuming, because the protector has coated the fibers on a molecular level so dirt can't get as embedded.
  • Helps get better cleaning results with future professional cleanings, and we have a better chance of removing difficult stains including pet spots.
  • All Fiber Protector products come with a built-in UV protection to help avoid sun-fading.
  • Protector is the only way to protect natural fibers such as wool and delicate fibers such as viscose/rayon, silk, linen, chenille, jute sisal, etc.
  • Fiber Protector is chemically inert once dry, which makes it safe for your family and your pets
  • Fiber Protector creates a bacteriostatic environment which prevents the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungus.
Professionally applying fiber protector

Fiber ProTector® Has Been Thoroughly Tested

Fiber ProTector continually improves and tests their products for safety, quality, and effectiveness — through independent lab studies.

To see test results, you may visit the Fiber ProTector of America testing page. Here they list the benefits in scientific terms, and the tests results that support those benefits!

Let SurfClean be Your Trusted Partner in
Fine Fiber Protection
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Surf Clean believes in the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. We guarantee you will receive the most thorough cleaning ever, or it's free!